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Andres "Andy" Rodriguez


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Andres “Andy” Rodriguez began working in the bustling tax office of what is now Atlantic at age five. His father Andres Sr. purchased the firm in 1985 and put his four children to work with menial tasks—in Andy’s case, it was stamping envelopes and inserting carbon paper between documents. “My little fingers would be black from all of the carbon,” he recalls with a grin.


Andy has been getting his hands dirty in business, so to speak, ever since. The description is apt: he is a hard-working business owner with uncompromising commitment to both excellence in customer service and business growth. Equally at home with a busy social life as he is with memorizing tax code, Andy is a unique and dynamic union of opposites. He can mastermind proportionate distributions for S-Corporations or the finer points of a 1031 Exchange prior to discussing his latest trip to coastal Turkey and the best añejo tequilas.

Andy wants to bring advantageous tax strategies to underserved markets, and as such, is bringing financial empowerment to his community of Monterey Park in Eastern Los Angeles, the larger metropolitan region—and beyond. He is compelled to bring innovative strategies to client offerings, and his latest successful forays into cryptocurrency futures trading have opened a wealth of possibilities.