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4 Reasons To Love Your Tax Preparer (Valentine’s Day)

1. They are ethical people.
Tax preparers must pass an ethics exam in order to obtain their license. It basically serves as a test that teaches them not to conceal information or lie. If you ask a tax preparer if they think you look fat in this dress, they will be honest with you and you won’t have to worry about looking fat in front of others. We’re making the assumption that all tax preparers are trustworthy outside of the workplace.

2. They are reliable and stable
Any relationship needs to be stable and reliable. Tax preparers are accustomed to stability because they work in one of the most stable industries! Because you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, they won’t have a breakdown over you. Because they are focused and goal-oriented, tax preparers won’t bail out or change their plans at the last minute. Because they deal with the finances of large corporations and even important people, tax preparers are also reliable and trustworthy. This is important because you can confide in them with your innermost thoughts and feelings—heck, even your life.

3. They have financial savings skills.
When tax refunds are received, everyone enjoys having some extra money. Your tax refund might be a little larger than anticipated because a CPA knows where to save money. This means that your piggy bank will continue to be nice and full, and you might use some of that chub to buy your CPA a nice pair of Italian shoes.

4. They are stunning in suits.
If we still haven’t persuaded you, it’s time to talk in generalities. A tax preparer looks even more alluring than usual when wearing a sharp suit, for some reason. To understand what we mean, just ask your aspiring tax preparer to dress up for you tonight.

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