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Need help with individual or business tax filing?

We are here to help you because we realize that filing your taxes can be a challenging procedure. 

Our team of financial experts handle tax preparation & accounting with speed, order and precision. With our help you’ll get peace of mind and up to 19% of your time back – that’s 1 full day every week to focus on growing your business!

We got over 500 verified 5-star customer reviews on both Yelp & Google


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    Flawless Books

    Each month you can count on our bookkeepers delivers accurate, and up-to-date financials.

    Unlimited Support

    When it comes to your business finances, you never will feel alone. Our team is here for you.

    Remove the Stress

    Let us take care of your bookkeeping & tax preparation, while you focus on running your company.

    Built for Your Company

    Not all companies are built the same. Our accountants build financial plans specifically for you.
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    Reviews from our clients

    • As painful as thinking about taxes and doing taxes usually is, I’m always impressed with my experience at Atlantic Tax Services. While it’s a hike to go to the East side, it’s well worth the trip. I schedule early, like in January – and the whole process is efficient and quick. I’m in and out of there in an hour and always have a great outcome with what I end up owing. I can’t recommend the team here enough!

      Doug W.
      Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, CA
    • I needed help forming a new corporate entity and made an appt. They were very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions. They even helped me choose what Corp entity to choose. Actually explained why I should choose differently from what I was thinking. Definitely going continue to use them as my business grows. Also to help me file my biz paperwork.
      Thanks again! You guys rock!

      Guillermo N.
      Los Angeles, CA
    • Have nothing but good things to say about Atlantic. From a small business perspective they have been there to help set up all proper tax documentation from the start. The do not  only provide a Tax service but also Tax education.

      From personal to business, Atlantic Tax has been great!

      Raul M.
      Newport Beach, CA
    • Always a professional tax office.
      Been going for years now because they are always nice, make you feel comfortable and will make sure you do everything correctly and have all that you need.
      They never miss a beat and I thank them for always taking care of me.

      Sitarra A.
      West Covina, CA
    • I have been coming to Atlantic tax Services for over 5 years now.  Each year, I had a unique situation on my return that required the staff to do research outside of the basic tax return.  Not once did they seem bothered that they had to do extra work on my returns.  Everything they promised they delivered on.

      Another thing I liked about the office was the staff always having a smile, even when the place was packed.  The guys remembered us and details about us.  It’s the little things that let you know you are more than just a customer, you seem to be part of a family.

      Danny G.
      Temecula, CA

    Why We’re Awesome

    We don’t have clients. We have fans. 

    Why? Because we know you work hard for your money, so we work hard for you. Our customer service is unparalleled. We’re your partner in every step along your business journey, and we support your entrepreneurship  in everything we do. 

    We give our clients maximum tax savings because we’re IRS tax code nerds. We work diligently to learn the latest in tax savings every year by finding exceptions to legally minimize your tax burden and protect your assets. Grow with us.

    Andy Rodriguez

    CEO, Atlantic Tax


    What can our professional LA based accountants do for your business?

    Flawless Bookkeeping To Maintain Finances & Tax Compliance

    When business owners do their own bookkeeping, it often becomes an afterthought that they do when they can find the time. This can result in data-entry errors, lost documents and even missed tax breaks!

    Our professional bookkeepers will keep order in your accounts so you have accurate records backed up by the relevant documentation – saving small business owners an average of 15 hours per week. We’ll even set you up with software that makes it much faster and easier to record future income and expenses so you never fall behind or miss opportunities for tax relief.


    Timely & Accurate Payroll Keeping Employees On Side


    Payroll processing can be a stressful and time-consuming task that many business owners have a hard time keeping up with. 

    Consistent and accurate payroll has a direct impact on employee satisfaction so it’s essential to get it right – and a happy employee is a productive employee afterall.

    Outsourcing this essential function to our expert Payroll team, helps increase the accuracy of your payroll and frees up your time to focus on growing your business, instead of worrying about the details of payroll calculations and distributions.